1. Is Mukti Musli Prime Capsules both for men and women?
    Yes, Mukti Musli Prime Capsules is an Ayurvedic herb that tweaks human mental as well as sexual health and effective for both men and women.
  1. Are these Capsules good enough for a high Blood Pressure patients?
    Well, the Capsules will not increase BP, but patients should consult doctors before having sexual intercourse because there may be some other factors that may affect.
  1. Can, any aged men or women have the Capsules?
    The age limit for using these Capsules are constrained to 18-80 years.
  1. What is the course period for these Capsules?
    In order to have better results one should use these Capsules for 45 days.
  1. Do these Capsules provide any support to diabetic patients?
    Well, these Capsules are beneficial for diabetic patients, it can reduce diabetes after having a daily dose.
  1. Does this Capsules increases fertility and libido in both men and women?
    As per our concern, the regular use of these Capsules can increase sperm count in men and ovum production in a woman. It improves fertility more in women.
  1. Will it enhance the general vitality of a person?
    Yes, definitely it will.
  1. Is the Capsules useful for women? How?
    Well, Mukti Musli Prime Capsules increases sex drive and libido in women and decreases frigidity. It also resolves sexual arousal problems in women.
  1. Is this Capsules useful for men? How?
    Mukti Musli Prime Capsules reduces erectile dysfunctions in men. Along with all these, it cures premature ejaculation, increases the sexual desire and arousal and enhances the performances and stamina.
  1. How long the effect of this Capsules persists?
    It depends on your healthy lifestyle, it can stay for months and even for years.
  1. How to procure these Capsules?
    You can purchase them by courier or VPP.
  1. Can Heart patients use these Capsules?
    Yes, of course.
  1. Does Mukti Musli Prime Capsules contain any steroids?
    No, Not at all.
  1. Does it contain any kind of drug interaction?
  1. Do these Capsules affect menstrual periods in women?
    No, but it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.
  1. Can renal patient can use Mukti Musli Prime Capsules?
    Yes, of course.
  1. Can we take these Capsules along with the alcohol and cigarettes?
    No, the medicine will not work as desired.
  1. Are there any food restrictions?
    You should have only healthy food during the course of the Capsules.
  1. Can this Capsules be used in case of Rheumatoid arthritis?
    Yes, infect this Capsules will help to decrease pain and inflammation.
  1. Can men and women use Mukti Musli Prime Capsules before the marriage?
    Yes, men and women can use this Capsules 45 days prior to the marriage, but in case you feel any sexual issue after the marriage then you can continue with the course.